blogging 101 why am i here



Why set up this blog? Because I  have been a writer in the past, albeit for film, theatre and tv, tried to get novels published and ended up on the very tragic slush pile with the inevitable rejections…

This time it is different…

Why you may ask? Because I realise the traditional novel format is very limiting and has huge barriers of entry to new why not blog and at least publish your work in the hope you will find enough like minded readers who can connect with your material and want more.

So what changed?


My life changed…I realised when I was writing novels that my life was of the conventional corporate type..middle class..boring corporate angst…then  an event  occurred  in my  life that totally changed me, my life and where I was going.

It was fateful.

Our family went on a grand tour of  bucket list item. And it completely transformed all of us…but in ways we couldn’t have anticipated. My blog is a series of chapters from a lonely marriage on the first tour of Egypt through to becoming involved with revolutionaries on FB, to eventually marrying one.

I hope you enjoy it.




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