About me

IMG_0722Who am I?

Before venturing into this cyber world, I was writing for the traditional mediums of film, theatre and tv. Then the call of love, surburbia, children and a soul sold to the banks.

The clawing up the corporate mountain to exist in the 9 to 5 time warp, then one morning woke up and realised I can’t keep living like this anymore.

Why Write These Blogs?

In search of an audience who will strongly connect to a recount of life lived when you jump off the cliff  to immerse yourself in the richness of cultural experiences; to stretch your mind and life skills to the max! To find love in the most unexpected of places, learn another language completely unlike your own and challenge yourself in every way possible. The story is one of a western woman plunged into living between two countries, Australia and Egypt, and the often humourous consequences.

What do I ask of you Fellow Reader?

The structure of the blogs in the Memoir page consists of short chapters in a novel, the blogs are fictionalised but rooted in actual experience.

To enjoy, give feedback and help me get this story published….

Thank you



7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Louise — this is fascinating on several levels — can’t wait to read more! Like you, I’m a writer in the midst of change (I’ve spent the past couple decades writing for women’s/parenting mags, and you know the story there…) Blogging is something that’s been on the back burner for a while…now trying to do something I love and figure out a new way to make a living from writing. If you want to check out my blogs, I’d love to hear any feedback! http://www.introvertsdictionary.wordpress.com and http://www.howtobe50.wordpress.com. Thanks!

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    • wow thanks Charlotte for your kind words yes time for a change..lets reassess where we are going in life and start putting ourselves first for a change..love to see yr blog
      cheers Louise😃


    • charlotte left message on your blog..sorry think you are my undiscovered twin lol…you have a real talent for writing and really good insights for us women at that stage when we go ala brecht..’is that all there is’ segue into morose germanic harmonica..😃😃😃

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      • Yep, got that message, I think (still working hard at figuring out the whole blogging/commenting/connecting thing.) I think we made a good one here, though! (Connection, that is.)


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